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NRMA calls for more reversing sensors, cameras

NRMA calls for more reversing sensors, cameras

Posted Thu Jul 27, 2006 3:21pm AEST

New research has found that few cars are fitted with the best technology to reduce crashes when reversing.

One child is run over per week in Australian driveways.

The insurer's annual study of reversing visibility has again dismissed the perception that four-wheel drives are the worst offenders.

It has found more four-wheel drives are fitted with reversing sensors and cameras than sedans.

But NRMA researcher Robert McDonald says with only 1 per cent of cars receiving NRMA's top safety rating, it is urging all manufacturers to fit the devices.

"While no technology fully compensates for driver awareness and behaviour, the solution of reversing cameras in particular is rapidly becoming more affordable and rapidly becoming the only real technology solution that's on the horizon that can at least give people a bit of peace of mind," he said.

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