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Front & Rear Parking Sensors | Smart Park Reverse Sensors

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Rear Parking Sensors

Some Parking Sensors are big bulky and ugly looking. The Smart Park Senors are the flushest  best looking sensors on the market and once they are colour matched to the exact same colour as your bumper. The Smart Park senors are the best looking sensors that we have ever installed. When in use the sensors will beep once to let you know they are working. Once you get within 1.7m from an object they will start beeping slowly, increasing in speed the closer you get to an object. Finally when you are approximately 20cm away they will continuously  beep to let you know not to go any further. We can install Parking Sensors on just about any passenger car. We don’t recommend installing Parking sensors on tray back utes or vehicles that have steel or aluminium bumper bars    as the metal will effect the way the sensors operate giving false warnings.





Front and Rear Parking Sensors 

Park with confidence with Front sensors and Rear Smart Park Parking Sensors to provide accurate indication of how far away objects are from your vehicle Parking sensors use ultra sonic sound wave to detect objects, the closer u get to an object the faster the sensors will beep. Once you are approximately  20cm away from an object the sensors will give out a continuous beep to let you know not to go any further. We use and recommend ‘Smart Park’ brand for both Front and Rear parking sensors. We have used many different brands of Parking Sensors over the years and have found no other brand of sensors that can match the Quality or performance of the Smart Park Range of Sensors.  Smart Park also offer a 3 year factory warranty on all products.




Front Parking Sensors

Many Companies will put Reverse sensors on the Front of your car, this is definitely not a good idea as Reverse sensors are designed to be engaged when u put the vehicle in reverse. So when Reverse Sensors are put on the Front of a vehicle they are either on all the time or turned on and off via a switch mounted on the dashboard. The Problem with this is when you are driving in traffic e.g.pulled up behind someone at traffic lights they will beep the whole time until the light goes green or you turn them off. This can get very frustrating especially when they are not switched on when you need them. We use specially designed Front Parking Sensors that have motion sensing feature built in so when your car is moving the will function and as soon as the vehicle stops moving for 3 seconds they stop beeping e.g. Stopped at traffic lights. This means that your sensors are always working when you need them and not annoying you when in traffic. Front Sensors can also be fitted with a optional LCD display that can be mounted in the vehicle for a visual indicator as well as audible.

Colour Matching

Our smart park sensors are professionally painted to the exact colour of your Vehicle. Each car has a paint code, usually found on the compliance plate under the bonnet or behind the drivers side door b pillar. With this code we mix the factory colour and apply 2 coats of colour and 2 coats of clear so your sensors stay looking great for years to come,while making them as unnoticeable as possible.


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