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Frequently Asked Questions

Parrot Bluetooth Phone Kits

Are all Bluetooth phones compatible with the Parrot Bluetooth car kit?

Yes parrot kits are software updateable so you can always pair to the latest phones.

How many phones will connect to a Parrot Bluetooth car kit?

Parrot Bluetooth car kits pair up to 5 phones, however only 1 phone can be connected at any one time. The kit will recognise the last phone connected if there is more than one paired phone in the vehicle.

Do you need to put holes in the dash to mount phone cradles?

No, there are a number of no hole brackets available for the majority of cars.

Smart Park Reverse Sensors

How many parking sensors are installed in the bumper?

To give you the ultimate and most accurate outcome we insert 4 evenly placed sensors on the bumper.

Will the sensors be colour matched to my vehicle?

Yes, upon enquiry we ask for your vehicle paint code- usually located on the vehicle compliance plate.

What distance do the sensors work from?

Sensors will set off a series of beeping as per the following

- Zone 1- 1.6m Slow Beeping

- Zone 2 – 80cm-40cm Faster Beeping

- Zone 3 – ; 40cm-0 constant beeping

Can the Sensors be turned off?

Yes, they have a switch with settings High/Low Volume/Off*

General Enquiries

Do you offer a mobile service?

Yes, for your convenience we offer on site installation, whether it be your home, office or other nominated location.

Do the services provided include a warranty?

- Parking sensors 3years

- Reverse cameras 3 years

- Hands free car kits 12 months

- In Dash Gps/Dvd 12 months

- Installations Liftime

What payment options do we provide?

We accept MasterCard, Visa or direct deposit

How long does it take to install our products?

- Hands Free Parrot Bluetooth Phone Kit1-2Hrs

- Front Parking Sensors1-2Hrs

- Reverse Parking Sensors 1-2Hrs

- Reverse Cameras- 1-2Hrs

- In dash GPS/DVD 3-4Hrs

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