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Hands Free Car Kits for Mobile Phones

Phone Kits

Don't get caught talking on the phone while driving. We can supply & install a wide range of fully integrated hands free car kits to your vehicle. There are a number of car kits available for all vehicles and phones. 

Bluetooth Car Kits

These are fully integrated hands free car kits that are reliable and give excellent audio quality using existing car speakers. Optional mountable colour LCD screens to let you view names and phone numbers saved in your phone. Also the car kit will upload phone contacts from your phone for easy answer, dialing and more. Some Bluetooth car kits are now software updateable meaning that if you have compatibility issues such as (New phone features) you can download the latest firmware update and install it via a bluetooth laptop computer enabling your car kit to connect to phone’s in the future. Bluetooth hands free car kits give you the freedom of being able to use different phones in the car. One pairing for each driver most bluetooth car kits will pair up to five phones.
The car kit will also automatically pair to the phone when you turn the car on so you can leave your phone in your bag or pocket and still being able to make phone calls via LCD screen or voice dialling depending the phone and car kit you choose. 

                hands free car kits                 

             PARROT CK3000                              PARROT CK3100                               PARROT CK3200


            PARROT Mki9000                               PARROT Mki9100                          PARROT Mki9200


            NOKIA CK-7W                               NOKIA CK100                                  NOKIA CK600


THB9060                                    THB SYSTEM 8                                   MOTOROLLA T605

Mounting cradle car kits 
Available for a wide range of phones. giving you a place to put your phone in view of the driver. These car kits are popular because they will charge your phone and give you the option for long-range antennas giving maximum reception for poor coverage areas. Some of these car kits offer Bluetooth as well for the best of both worlds. Some cradles are interchangeable so when you upgrade phone you don’t have to buy a whole new car kit. 




Hands Free Car Kits

No Holes Installations

We have a great range of brackets specially designed for individual vehicles leaving no holes in the car. There are multiple positions these brackets can be installed giving you flexibility to have your car kit in a place that suits you best. 

Long Range Antennas

External antennas maximise you phone reception in poor coverage areas. There are a number of antennas available for different networks and applications. Features include:
Spring base
Stainless steel whip.
On glass mounting options and more. 

Radio Muting

This will mute the radio when the car kit is being used. Most car radios have this feature. If not a mute relay can be installed switching the radio off for the period of the call. 

Steering Wheel Integration

Some newer cars come with phone answer controls mounted on the steering wheel. We have bluetooth car kit solutions for most of these cars that means you control the car kit via the steering wheel and the rest of the car kit is hidden for a genuine OEM look. 


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