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Reverse Parking Sensor Facts


Reverse Parking Sensor Facts


Parking sensors are the next best invention after thecar.  Who could have thought that a time will come when you could park in a narrow parallel parking between two cars in a packed parking space?  Long ago, this was wishful thinking for frazzled drivers who had to deal with parking space headaches everyday. But thankfully, that was long ago

The Advantages of the New Parking Sensors

Without a parking sensor, collisions and accidents can happen because you cannot see the corners of your car.

·         With parking sensor installed in front and at the rear of your car, it is like having x-ray vision where you need it, especially when you are parking in a narrow space between two cars.  Because it can detect moving or unmoving objects near your car, it gives off alerting beeps to warn you to stop thus preventing expensive collisions.

·         This is a good safety measure against hitting young children and pets when you are reversing out of the garage, and you do not need anybody to watch out for your car while you ease in and out of the parking space.

·         Since these works well in any type of weather, you can always have the full confidence of knowing you will not get parking scrapes.  However since the reverse parking sensor is extra sensitive, it might give off continuous beeps when it detects snow.

·         When the reverse parking sensor detects any obstruction, it immediately gives off beeps to alert you. You can stop and maneuver your car away from the obstacle without getting off the car.

·         These are easy to install eliminating added cost for professional installation.

·         No more fender bender issues and costly damages.

·         No need for regular maintenance.

The numerous benefits you can enjoy from your parking sensors should hurry you to get one while supplies last.  You can get these incredible finds in eBay at discounted prices.  With 57 percent off the retail price, you will get yourself the deal of your car’s lifetime and even beyond.

Parking Sensor Facts

The parking sensors have really hit it big in the car market.  The early prototype of the ultrasonic technology used 4 to 6 sensors that had to be mounted by drilling and the drilled hole painted over.  It was also a pain to find the exact pain color to match the car’s body paint.  Instead of delighting car owners, it caused a problem.  The ugly holes drilled into the cars exterior were unsightly and the paint over obvious.

This was soon replaced with the newer PDI 1.  The new technology used by elite car manufacturers is so discreet. Nobody could guess that you have installed sensors in your car’s bumpers.  The new car sensors do not need any drilling to be installed, saving the expensive exteriors from any blemish. PDI 1 makes a good fit with any car model because these are discrete mounts using electromagnetic technology for secure installation.

The parking sensors give off beeps when any obstruction is detected and the frequency of the beeps is an alert that the obstacle is dangerously near.  As the driver, this can stop you when you must, helping you avoid any unwanted bumps and bangs.  Shouldn’t you be getting your PDI reverse parking sensor kit now when there’s an irresistible offer?


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